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Features :

APPLICATION DATA: Surface Preparation :

Mix water to the powder in the ratio 0.14 to 0.18 depending upon the consistency required and then pour in the forms/shutters. Gaps in the shutter/ forms should be effectively sealed with masking tape to ensure that leakage of fluid material does nit take place through joints. Where the repaired surface needs to be plastered, hack the surface immediately after removal of the shutters/ forms curing may be carried out us usual with wet Hessian / polythene .

Evamicrokrit Application:

Surface to be repaired or cavity to be filled shall be cleaned sound and free from any deleterious materials like oils, grease etc. Weak portion of concrete should be cut back till sound surface is available. Damp down the surface of old concrete or soak with water for over night and then remove excess water to get saturated surface dry (SSD) before pouring.

Uses :

Conventional repair of honeycombed area and to fill recesses of broken structure of concrete. In fact it is used to effect permanent repairs to all types of concrete and mortar. Evamicrokrit is of particular interest to specialist military agencies, airport road and port authorities. Most useful for repair of soffit of beams and columns.

Description :

A specially prepared ready to use grey powder which requires addition of water only at job site, to produce free flowing and semi fluid/ plastic high strength concrete which has micro fine aggregate and ability to penetrate into the recesses of concrete members behind the reinforcement of the structure under repair.

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